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Welcome to Kir's "Quarantine" Cuisine

April 11, 2020

Welcome to “Kir’s Quarantine Cuisine”!

How quickly life can change...I was just trying to figure out how to juggle my three boy’s 7 sports teams and finding slow cooker meals to eat whenever time allowed.

Fast forward to this surreal time. “Quarantine” “Social Distancing”. My calendar is free now and I have the time to do what I love - cook for my family. None of us want to put our masks on and go to the grocery store. So let’s get creative and make do with what we have in our freezers and pantries and stretch out our food by using all leftovers.

I would love to share this journey with you and get through this time “together” (or at least 6 feet apart😉). Let’s cook as a family, set the dining room table again, light the candles and say a prayer for all.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive my friends!

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