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When in Annapolis...

June 30, 2021

When in Annapolis, you eat what they are known for! Lots of crabs! We just get back from a national lacrosse tournament in Annapolis, Maryland. This quaint, waterfront town is one of my favorites! And the food never disappoints! Just look at this delicious crab cake with almost no fillers. Is was almost all lump crabmeat! Delicious!

And who could ever resist a crab pretzel?! For those who have never had one before - it is a jumbo soft pretzel topped with crab dip and melted cheddar cheese! It is simply amazing and is something that I will be definitely recreating at home one day soon!

And of course a trip to Annapolis would not be complete without an ice cream cone from the famous Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory!

This sweet treat is the perfect dessert to cool off on a 95 degree steamy hot day! You just have to eat it fast before it melts!

I am so thankful for some time away! Great lacrosse, great friends, great food and wonderful memories!!

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