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White Wine Spritzer

July 23, 2021

I love a nice cold glass of white wine in the summer. The only thing that I might love even more on a hot summer day is a super cold White Wine Spritzer!

I spent the afternoon at the pool with my boys and this drink is absolutely perfect for my "Friday Night Cocktail"! White Wine Spritzers are so light and refreshing! I love the way that the bubbly club soda helps to lighten a glass of white wine into a perfect summertime refreshment! And the lemon and lime complement the wine perfectly - making it such a crisp and light drink. Cheers! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and fun weekend!

White Wine Spritzer


Your favorite White Wine, chilled

Club Soda

Ice Cubes

Lime and lemon wedges to garnish

  1. Take a tall white wine glass and fill it with ice cubed.

  2. Fill the glass with 3/4 of your desired choice of White Wine.

  3. Top off the glass with club soda and garnish with the lemon and limes wedges.

Looks at this crisp, cold and refreshing White Wine Spritzer! It is such a perfect summer cocktail! Cheers to a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

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