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Iceberg Cocktail

May 29, 2020

Cheers! It's Friday night and we survived another week at home, in quarantine! Today was the first hot day that we have had this Spring. A hot day calls for the most refreshing cocktail ever! I first discovered this drink on a trip to the Riviera Maya and it was love at first sip! Honestly the coldest and most refreshing cocktail ever! Perfect for this steamy, hot day!

To make an Iceberg, prepare a Frozen Margarita. My "Easy 1, 2, 3 Frozen Margarita" recipe is perfect for this...

Then fill your glass 3/4 full with your favorite Mexican or Light Beer. Top off the glass with your Frozen Margarita and garnish with a fresh lime.

Trust me, this is an amazing drink! The lime flavor of the margarita just melts into the beer - keeping it super cold and refreshing! One sip takes me back to Mexico! Cheers!

We might not be able to be there, but we can dream about a tropical vacation...right?

And, back to quarantine reality...

Perfect way to end a hot day! Have a wonderful weekend!

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