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Stuffing Waffle Turkey Gobbler Sandwich - perfect for Thanksgiving

November 19, 2022

I am telling you, this is the best turkey sandwich ever!! And it is the best way to put together all of your delicious leftover Thanksgiving foods onto one plate. Making waffles out of your stuffing makes the greatest "bread" for your turkey sandwich! It helps to moisten the stuffing yet adds a perfect bite. You have to try this! You will love it! It takes Thanksgiving leftovers to a whole new level!

Stuffing Waffle Turkey Gobbler Sandwich

(Makes 4 waffles)


3 cups of stuffing or dressing

2 eggs, beaten

Cranberry sauce or cranberry chutney (recipe below)


Gravy, heated

  1. Plug in your waffle maker.

  2. Mix together the stuffing and eggs in a bowl. Mix until it is well combined.

  3. Spray your waffle maker with cooking spray.

  4. Add the stuffing mixture to your waffle maker and close the lid. Press down hard so that the stuffing comes together to form a stuffing waffle.

  5. Cook for about 7 to 10 minutes, until golden.

  6. Take two waffles and spread one waffle with a layer of cranberry sauce.

  7. Top with slices of turkey and spread some gravy on top. You could even add mashed potatoes if you want.

  8. Top your sandwich with your other waffle and enjoy warm.

Cranberry and Apple Chutney Recipe:

Take your hot stuffing waffles and spread on some cranberry and apple chutney or cranberry sauce...

Add some leftover Turkey slices...

Put on a nice layer of hot gravy...

And too with your other hot stuffing waffle...

Yum! Just look at this Stuffing Waffle Turkey Sandwich! This is the best way to have all of the tastes of Thanksgiving on one plate! And it is perfect for your leftovers! Make sure that your make lots of stuffing/dressing this Thanksgiving for this one!

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