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How to turn your vegetable scraps into an outdoor vegetable garden...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

July 15, 2020

I don't like to waste anything and I love to save money! Back in May I started to regrow vegetables out of the scraps that I would usually just throw away. I tried it with green onions, lettuce and celery. It started as an experiment and now I love it! Here is my original post...

Turn Veggie Scraps into a Garden:

Vegetable Scrap Garden Update:

A few months into doing this, I wanted to give you a veggie scrap garden update...

Regrowing Green Onions

I have had the most success with growing green onions. In fact I have cut and regrown the same ones this whole time. I was getting tired of having a glass of water and green onions on my window sill. And I was getting tired of changing the water every day. So I decided to try and transplant the green onions into a pot of dirt next to my patio garden and see if they would keep growing as well. Good news!! They are growing even better in a pot outside! And it is much less work for me because it gets watered with the rain and gets lots of sunlight! Try this! It is amazing! I might never have to buy green onions again!

First grow the green onions in a glass of water. Change the water every day.

When the greens start to sprout, you can plant them into the soil. It is amazing how quickly the green onions regrow!

When you need green onions, just cut the green parts off and leave the white part planted in the soil so a new green onion will grow again.

Regrowing Celery

I have had the least success with celery. I tried getting the celery end to sprout new growth in a glass of water and it didn't work. Since I had such such success with growing the green onions outdoors in soil, I am now trying that with the celery. I am crossing my fingers that this works because my family loves celery! I will keep you posted if this works!

Regrowing Lettuce

Regrowing lettuce is super easy too! You just bury the scrap end piece of the lettuce into the soil and a new head of lettuce grows. I am having a lot of success with this and love doing it. It is so easy! I just have one puppy LOVES lettuce and beats me to the fresh head of lettuce every single time!! No joke!

I love my Vegetable Scrap Garden! It is amazing to watch those scraps grow into new vegetables for you to eat! Give it a try! It is really cool!

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1 Comment

Jul 31, 2020

Do you grow the lettuce and green onion in the same pot or am I just looking at the picture wrong? Lol

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